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What we stand for

At BIT IT TECHNOLOGY, we are committed to Support our Partners, our Clients and our Wider Communities to achieve their Business Potential. That's how we Make a difference.

Why Partner's with BIT ?

Strong Brand Presence
  • Presence since 2012
  • BIT has over 5 Hundered Users with our exclusive sales & support centers.
  • We market ourselves through social media, Google adword, Mass mailing, bulk sms etc.
  • Helps you to Plan any future activity.
  • Becoming a Partner will ease you to stand your Business.
One of the Fastest Growing IT Company
  • BIT is amongst the fastest growing IT Company in India with comprehensive software solutions in its domain like, Health Sector, Real Estate, Education, Network Marketing and Manufacturing etc.
  • Becoming a Partner will also let you sail in the same boat.
Flexible and Transparent Partnership Program
  • BIT is always known to have "fair business policy"
  • BIT is Flexible enough to understand your need and develop and can mold according to situations for the growth of Business.
  • We strongly believe that Transparency is the key to healthy and long term relations.
  • Becoming a Partner will ensure you a tension and hassle free business relations.
Effortless Installation & Implementation
  • At BIT our Technical Team has developed the software in such a manner that it just takes 10 clicks to install the entire software hassle free resulting in saving the cost and time.
  • BIT Software requires minimum customer training so that you can utilize the time on some other productive work.
  • BIT products are very Fast, Easy, Accurate and User Friendly Software's.
  • Becoming a Partner will save your quality time and efforts; due to this the profits are high.
Maximum Profitability with minimum Investment
  • Software Industry is the only Business where one can generate high profits with low investment. BIT not only provides you an opportunity to earn big money but also gives environment to generate this revenue within your suitable time.
  • With BIT you need not do much hard work but the smart work will itself raise you to a level, you never dreamt off.
  • Becoming a partner will ensure you to have the best Return on Investment (ROI) that will automatically maximize the Profits "The More You Do The More You Get".
Strong Customer Support
  • Becoming a Partner will assure you of better customer satisfaction.
  • BIT has 24X7 Support
Dedicated Partner Support
  • BIT provides a dedicated Technical Professional to every Partner at their place to hand hold till he is perfectly trained.
  • At our Head Office we have dedicated team of professional who are always ready to provide solutions to our Partners for all of their day to day queries.
  • BIT provide Complete Product Training to all our Partners.
  • Becoming a Partner will make you highly demanded Technical Professional who could become backbone of any business.
Recurring Income(Securing Future)
  • We have a track record of minimum attrition, with this we are able to have strong and reliable customers base for long term.
  • In any business getting reference is known to be the most secure and easily convertible sales. At BIT almost 25% of sales are generated thru reference and it is a practice in BIT to convert these references into sales.
  • BIT software is a renewable product, which has to be renewed every year and Company shares high revenue with our Partner's. This is also another way to generate revenue every year.
  • Becoming a Partner will assure you to continue enjoying getting the profits year on year ensuring secure future.
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