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BIT IT TECHNOLOGY provides BITREMS a flexible and fully integrated Software System and Solution for Real Estate businesses of all sizes, including start up Agencies, multiple offices networks and larger franchise groups throughout India.

BITREMS is an Integrated Real Estate Management System designed and developed by BIT it TECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD., Raipur, India. It covers a wide range of Real Estate administration and management processes, and provides relevant information across the Real Estate to support effective decision making and future business planning.

Benefits of BITREMS

  • Increase real estate effectiveness for improved productivity and collaboration for the organization
  • Reduce total cost of occupancy (TCO) by understanding utilization vs. capacity of all real estate
  • Increase agility of RE/FM group to be able to respond to changing business/work requirements of the organization
  • More accurate and detailed ‘system of record’ for all real estate and facility management data
  • Intuitive inquiry management system
  • Web based software, compatible with all latest browsers
  • Low cost
  • Less degree of support required
  • Permission based access
  • Faster booking and account handling process
  • Daily enquiry follow up reminder
  • Auto payment receipt generation
  • Auto interest calculation on overdue payments

Features of BITREMS

  • Transactions management
  • Commission’s management
  • Referrals Management
  • Document Management
  • Buyers Management
  • Agent Management
  • Leads & Contact Management
  • Appointments management
  • Booking Management (Plots, Bungalow, villa, Apartment, Farm House)
  • Listing management
  • Company Calendar
  • Quick View of Activities
  • Company Message Board
  • Notify Clients and Listing agents
  • Listings Pictures
  • Listing Management
  • Reports
  • Data Retrieval for past Clients and Prospects
  • Data Entered once and instantly shared with all offices
  • Showing Desk
  • Data Retention

Agent Business Management

  • Agents Login with their own username and password
  • Agents access only their Information
  • Leads & Contacts Management
  • Calendar & Appointments management

Security Access Data

  • Secure login for Staff & Agents
  • Secure Access Anywhere, Any time
  • Secure data, Documents, and Information
  • Set Security Level access for each Login

Agent Focus

  • Leads Notification
  • Leads Follow-up Tracking
  • Contacts & Relationships Information
  • Quick View of Business Activities
  • Checklists- To do items
  • Listings Offers Tracking
  • Buyers Properties of Interest
  • Deals in Pending
  • Transactions Estimated Closings
  • Transactions Document Review Status
  • Email and Mailing List
  • Search capabilities

Sales & Marketing

  • Leads generation
  • Leads notification
  • Leads tracking
  • Leads Performance
  • Leads Status
  • Leads Next follow-up
  • After Sales Follow-up for Future Business

Technology, Secrity & Support

  • Window based Or Web Based
  • Login from your Website
  • You’re Company Logo Displayed on your System
  • Your Company logo/Name on All Reports


  • Master Setup
  • Front Desk
  • Property Management
  • Custmer Managment
  • Executive Management
  • Property Evaluation
  • Booking
  • Cancellation
  • Billig & Payment
  • Exective Commission
  • Store & Inventory
  • HR Management
  • Central Store
  • General Store & Inventory
  • MIS Reports
  • Events & Utilities
  • SMS & Reminder
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Dashboard
  • Administration
  • Security
  • Database Backup
  • Mobile App Facility

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